October 4, 2016

“If the cops come…RUN.” It’s a common sight at local night markets (Well, okay, maybe not in Singapore); vendors selling counterfeit handbags by the side of the street with nothing but a picnic mat, a set of grossly copy-and-paste products, and a whole lot of nerve. But Off-White brings us a not-so-common sighting at their SS17 show. A high fashion cult brand doing the exact same thing. In an attempt to pursue the truest, most authentic form of See-Now-Buy-Now culture, Off-White paraded its SS17 bags on a thin blue canvas sheet right upfront of the show for sale right after the show had ended. Now that’s true rachetry; Off-White just doesn’t give a sh*t.

Off-White™ version of “see now buy now” handbags tonight before the show, out front of the show. for sale.

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But here’s something to really take seriously: The exact same bags are now available in Singapore for us to grab hold of too. Sure, we don’t get the thrill and novelty of actually purchasing it off the streets of Paris Fashion Week, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less excited about this. The Binder Clip Bag, a modern approach at an uncalculated leather cross body satchel finished with sophisticated detailing and an additional “TIE DOWN” industrial belt strap, is a true demonstration of Off-White’s bold and rebellious personality. It takes high fashion to the streets, breaking it down to form a satirical expression. And perhaps that is why we’re expecting these bags to sell out like hot cakes, and you’ll be certain that we’ll be one of those who’ll ruthlessly stop at nothing to own one of these.

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Off-White See-Now-Buy-Now Bags, € 538. Available online at and at the Off-White Singapore boutique.