October 19, 2016

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your age is. A good dessert will always be loved and sought after by people with the slightest inkling of a sweet tooth.

If you’re in need of satisfying some of your sugary desires, here’s some good news for you. Local café Sunday Folks’ has just revamped its dessert menu, rolling out a medley of tantalizing, honest-to-goodness sweet treats before this year-end’s holiday season.

Titled the Fall/Winter menu, the new offerings include a range of ice creams and sweets inspired by seasonal produce, such as the Yuzu (a fruit that blossoms in winter). For example, there’s the Winter Yuzu Trifle ($12), which packs Madagascar vanilla ice cream, chiffon cake, fresh strawberries, biscuit crumble and a dash of yuzu gel.


Winter Yuzu Trifle

There’s also the Chocolate Pistachio Ice Cream Gâteaux ($12); a conglomeration of milk chocolate, roasted pistachio ice cream and red berries, and the Matcha White Chocolate Cake, Hazeulnut Praline Tart, as well as the Cognac Chocolate Ganache Cake (each $15).


Chocolate Pistachio Ice Cream Gâteaux

Best of all, there’ll be an assortment of sweets available for purchase for both in-store and online.

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