October 17, 2016

Faustine Steinmetz does denim – but like we’ve never seen it before. Taking inspiration from everyone’s favourite utilitarian uniform material and twisting it to create breathtaking pieces which only subtly hint at denim jeans and jackets, the designer presents to us an abstract capsule of ikat printing, hand-woven pieces.

“The starting point was me really thinking what was this label about. I want the label to be about denim forever and creating a sort of Levi’s on acid,” Faustine Steinmetz comments. ”They’re a bit like art pieces, because we are denim we can afford to go in a different direction.”

What was refreshingly light were the stand-alone accessories which included single denim pockets which all attention was due to turn to, and statement belts. The presentation of the show was truly an entire spectacle of its own. The models laid in boxes, almost as if they were art sculptures on display. Blue light illuminated the entire scene, cascading from spotlights above. To add to the seriously quirky space age atmosphere of the show, models had their faces and bodies painted in light hues of blue and fresh whites. The harmony amongst the palette was strikingly soothing to the soul (perhaps due to its playfulness in a certain out-of-this-world territory), and Steinmetz seemed to have found the perfect blend of the blue and white ombre. Though there were plenty of crop tops, baggy jackets and hip-hop trousers, the collection remained ultra modern with her amazing testament of what a mere single fabrication can do when imagination is pushed to the limits.

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Cover image from @faustinesteinmetz’s Instagram.