October 18, 2016

Brownie points for H&M! Okay, so we know about H&M’s recent controversy in pulling the plus size clothing range from some of its New York stores because “not all stores have (enough) room for all our fashion concepts”. Which in other words, mean that the brand would rather exclude anyone above a US size 14 from shopping in stores as candle stick holders and powder puffs are more deserving of the floor space than a size 16 dress. Not cool, H&M! But its recent body positive, empowering Autumn ’16 ad sure does act as a strong redeeming factor for the Swedish multinational fast fashion giant.

The campaign, which aims to change the perceptions of the “perfect woman” today gives us a raw, honest look at what it really means to be a lady. And we’re glad, as the normal societal standards and expectations are demolished and in their place stood a strong, unyielding reminder that we as women are beautiful in our own ways. Curvy ladies oozed sultry elegance, looking while staring at their reflection in the mirror. Women went out on dinner dates and picked their teeth, while gender neutrality was celebrated while one model flaunted her armpit hair and another showed off her muscles. Yes, it’s okay to challenge gender norms, it’s okay to not shave our body to the core, and it’s OK to not look like we fit in on the catwalk of London Fashion Week. Everyone’s going crazy for the campaign, and we’re not surprised.


And here are some pieces straight out of the campaign video that you can already shop:

jeans patterned-dress

scuba-dress wide-blouse

Clockwise from top left: Loose Fit Regular Jeans, $99.90; Patterned Dress, $39.90; Wide Blouse, $69.90; Short Scuba Dress, $69.90.