October 10, 2016

It’s time we stopped fooling ourselves; it is Summer, it has always been Summer and it will ALWAYS be Summer in Singapore. We’ve finally caved. Enough of those oversized fleece coats that’s been on every stylist’s wish list currently, the price to pay (in this case, a breezy day out of the office) is just too much! But that doesn’t mean we’ve got to completely do away with our jackets though, there’s a super hot trend – riri and Hadid approved, even – emerging that’ll help us tackle the heat. The off-shoulder jacket – aka, slouching your jackets such that your arms still go into the sleeves, but you’re leaving some buttons unfastened for that ‘undone” finish. Balenciaga and Off-White were the first of the pack to effortlessly pull it off on their Fall/Winter runways, and countless bloggers have followed suit afterwards, showing off the stylish closet hack we all need to pick up. We’re completely enthusiastic towards the idea of taking our coats off – without actually having it come off. Below, we have a couple of style inspirations to help you pull this trend off.

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Try out the look with some of our favourite picks below!

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L – R: Zara Leather Jacket, $279; Glamorous Faux Shearling Jacket, $163.03; Nicce London Jacket, $184.76.

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L – R: Nastygal Jacket, $141; Nastygal Cassidy Bomber, $68; Nastygal Suede Jacket, $327.

Cover image from @gigihadidstyle’s Instagram.