October 11, 2016

We’re summoning the ghosts of bizarre shoes past as we round up a few of our most favourite wacky kicks. Look no further than this article if you’re planning to go a little offbeat this year, or y’know, if the theme of the Halloween party you’re attending happens to be ‘Fashion Disaster’. And we’re in luck; there’s so many ingenious looking shoes popping out this year. It’s as though the fashion industry were running some kind of inside joke against us, the consumers. 2016 most definitely should be crowned the year of the ugliest shoes. There, we’ve said it. And why not laugh it off and just embrace the all-out queerness in spirit of the spook fest? We’re for it.


Céline’s Feet Shoes

These first made an appearance in Céline’s Spring Summer 2013 show. We have to say, we can’t help but cringe a little at this design; which look like a mannequin’s porcelain feet got cut off and glued onto a heel. They’re creepy, horrific, and just perfect for Halloween. Monaco’s Princess Caroline embraced this – with her fashion taste which has a reputation of running a little wild – and wore the questionable heels matched with a black dress to a fundraising dinner. Many eyebrows were raised, for sure. But yet, we’re admiring the functionality of these. You wouldn’t have to paint your toes anymore, the shoes practically come with a built-in pedicure (that will never chip nor fade). Simply fantastic. These shoes may not be on sale anymore, but we’re sure you can always find a couple on Ebay.

Marco De Vincenzo’s Ruffled Mules, $589



If you fancy wrapping your feet up like a little christmas present, this one’s for you. Mules may be hot right now, and even more so for the counterpart; ruffle details, but we’re not too sure about this one. Perhaps there comes a point where too much is really too much. And we’ve found the breaking point.

Dolce & Gabbana Tricolor Fur Sneakers, USD 960


Now don’t get us wrong. These thrill us. We adore the quirky spike foam outsole, and the healthy dose of blue fur. If these shoes belong down the street a big yellow big lives on, we want to be a part of it. Yet we can’t argue that these aren’t just a little bizarre. If you’re aiming to dress like a Sesame Street character, go fish.


Miu Miu Black Shearling Wedges, USD710


Might as well throw this in for a good measure, since we’re on the topic of furry creatures, huh?

Reebok Classics Black InstaPump Sandals, USD135


Do the perforations on these remind you of the bumps on Frankenstein’s monster, or even Freddy Krueger’s burnt face? These sandals may appear to look deformed, but hey, they’ll looks super cool if that’s the kind of ‘gore’ look you’re going for. But jokes aside, its athleisure. And perhaps the concept of function and comfort over form gels well with some. We just don’t really get it.


Cover image from @novembremagazine’s Instagram.