October 10, 2016

Hands up, if you’re one of those who have jumped onto the iPhone 7 bandwagon already. We just switched over, and we’re impressed so far – that iPhone 7 Plus camera sure is something else, and that’s most evident in a low light setting.

Anyway, now that the initial hurdle of even getting our hands on the model and colour we want has been crossed, here’s the next step: finding the right accessories to match our new phone. With the launch of any latest model, the selection of accessories will take some time to grow, so it’s always a little harder in the beginning to find something you really like. Especially if you want something a bit more feminine – because that category of the tech market always seems to be overshadowed by the stuff geared towards the guys – but sometimes we just like our tech stuff a little girlier, dammit!

So we did the searching for you, and here’s the ones we would match with the rest of our outfit. See, techy things don’t have to be all boring.


Urbanears Plattan Headphones in Snow Blue, Powder Pink and Nougat Beige


The most important accessory for an iPhone 7 is possible wireless audio equipment, because, you know, earphone jacks apparently aren’t in fashion anymore. We could stick to the regular white Apple earbuds (but with the unwieldy adaptor), or get the AirPods when they’re out later this month – but when Urbanears has just updated their Bluetooth-powered Plattan headphones in these sweet pastel hues for Fall, why would we?

US$59, urbanears.com


Sonix iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Cases

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Girls just have a thing for clear cases with colourful graphic prints, and Sonix does a really cute range that covers florals, tropical leaves, blinged-out eyes and… sushi. We’re definitely getting the sushi one.

US$35, urbanoutfitters.com


Tech21 Evo Gem Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


One look at that bumper, and you know these cases are going to be solid protection for your precious iPhone. The colour selection is also unabashedly feminine, and will bring out the back of your Rose Gold or Gold iPhone nicely. That gemstone texture on the back is cute, too.

$59, apple.com


Case Mate’s selection of iPhone 7/7 Plus cases and screen protectors


Boy, do they know how to make blinged-out accessories. We never thought we wanted a gilded screen protector until we saw the variety of very pretty options on the Case Mate site. And the cases… where do we even start?

From US$35, case-mate.com


Happy Plugs Ear Piece


It was only a matter of time before Happy Plugs got in on the wireless earphones game too, and they seem to have timed it right. A check on their site reveals that they are preparing to launch the Ear Piece, which will be designed to resemble a piece of minimalist chic jewellery, so you’ll actually want to wear it around your neck. There aren’t any visuals  yet besides this one shown above, but we can’t wait to see how this Swedish brand puts their spin on wireless earphones. Available shades are: Black & Gold, White & Rose Gold, and Champagne & Silver, i.e. combinations that will match your iPhone perfectly.

Available from late October, happyplugs.com


Main image: case-mate.com