October 6, 2016

You might have seen this on Instagram, and paused in disbelief (because that’s what we did).


Indeed, that’s an ice cream cone ensconced in a fluffy cotton candy cloud. How did this come about, and who is the genius responsible for this out-of-this-world dessert creation? According to various online sources, the wonderful people behind these cloudy ice creams is the Milk Train Cafe in London, who are pretty new on the block, having only opened in July this year.

Seriously though, how does one eat this without making a huge sticky mess?

Cleverly, they started serving their signature soft serve ice cream flavours in ridiculously fluffy candy floss, and naturally, their customers starting posting pictures on Instagram. And soon enough, they became the next big internet sensation, with everyone clamouring to know just where to try these. Unfortunately, they seem to be limited to just this one London establishment for now, but hey, if you happen to find yourself in London: make a beeline for 44 Bedford Street, Strand, LondonΒ WC2E 9HA.

In the meantime, can some enterprising dessert connoisseur in Singapore do a local version, please? Anyone?


Main image: Instagram @halleytran_