This High-Tech Headband Alters Your Mood at Will

Conventional wisdom states that our moods are dependent on external factors. We definitely can’t control how we feel all the time. If we could, we’d all be Professor X-like, super-mutant, telekinetic geniuses. However, that could all change with the ELF Emmit.
Invented by US-based company Urban Butinar – ELF Emmit is a wearable tech device that zaps your brain with low frequency electromagnetic pulses – so you’ll be able to achieve your desired mood, whether it’s enjoying a more satisfying sleep or just reducing the unwanted stress of everyday life.
So how does this galvanizing gadget work? Well, electromagnetic pulses are split into five mood settings – Sleep, Anti-Stress, Concentrate, Deep Learning and Meditate. Each setting will discharge pulses at specific frequencies, targeting the cerebellum of your brain in order to engineer your optimal mood.


Your job is simple. All you’ve got to do is select your preferred mood in a free mobile app, and voila, the Elf Emmit will begin to work its magic, scrambling your brain’s electrical patterns to make you feel like your best self.
Such a technology might seem intrusive to some users (we’re looking at you conspiracy theorists! It’s not a freaking mind-control experiment!). But the end of the day though, potential buyers will be glad to know that this device is safe for usage, certified by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration.
Even better, the headband doesn’t require batteries or recharging. The only thing needed for it to work is a headphone jack on your smartphone and tablet for you to plug it in. Sorry iPhone 7 users, but we guess you’re out of luck here.
Lastly, the headband’s surprisingly durable, with its polycarbonate body, and an approximate weight of 20 grams will ensure that you won’t feel a thing when you’re wearing it on your head. Watch the promo video for the ELF Emmit below:

Prices for the ELF Emmit begin at US$99. Check out their kickstarter page at
All images taken from ELF Emmit