October 11, 2016

There will come a time when people will stop hunting for Pokémon, or gasp, forget about Game of Thrones, but a phenomenon that definitely won’t change is the fact that the Internet loves cats.

Gifs, videos, pictures, blogs, and articles – you name it, and you’re bound to find a cat plastered somewhere on the World Wide Web.

Which begs the question: why has it taken so darn long for these furry felines to find their way into our text bubbles?

Thankfully, all that has changed with CatPaint. The app – which allows you to place ridiculously cute cat pictures anywhere you’d like – has teamed with Apple to develop ridiculously cute stickers for the iOS10’s iMessage app, and trust us, it looks pretty freaking awesome.

Just check out all the silly stuff you could do:

CatPaint iMessage Stickers are blowing up! Pew pew!

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Want to cat-ify your text messages? Download CatPaint on the App Store.

All images taken from CatPaint.