October 18, 2016

Let’s face it – we’re all kind of addicted to beauty tutorials. We can’t get enough of those tight shots of an eyelid, brow, nail, or lip being layered with product to create a gorgeous design. There’s simply nothing like a good makeup how-to.

If you’ve ever seen a model in a magazine sporting lips that are practically drenched in lip gloss, you’ve probably just assumed that it’s photoshopped. Well, you’re wrong. Those drippy lips are real and you can recreate this beauty editorial look at the comfort of your own home, thanks to a makeup artist on YouTube, Sarah Steller. The trickling Instagram trend has garnered a bevy of fans. Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath loves it, and Kylie Jenner based her entire makeup line on that iconic image.



To begin, you’ll need some glitter pigment and clear lip gloss. In this video tutorial, Sarah uses the M.A.C pigment in Gold and M.A.C’s clear Lipglass, mixing the two products together with a brush on a palette, and boy does it look mesmerising. She then uses the mixture to line her lips with a lip brush, making sure that the lines are even before filling her lips in. Once you’re done with the whole lip, you can choose to stop there, but where’s the fun in that? Go ahead and layer on the molten gloss until you’ve achieved that coveted drippy effect.

Sarah’s not only an expert in creating this look. A quick scroll through her Instagram page and you’ll soon be captivated by the bewitching lip looks she’s created. You’ll want to dress your lips up after, too.

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