October 14, 2016

If you’re an astrophotographer, or aspiring to be one, you might want to get your hands on this reconstructed version of the Nikon D5500 DSLR, called the “D5500a Cooled”.

Basically, this badass piece of picture-capturing machinery lets you take awesome night shots of star-filled skies, via a distinctive cooling system attached on its back.

According to PrismaLuceLab – the company who rejigged the original Nikon D5500 – the D5500a Cooled has the power to snap images of the moon and even distant planets, all without the use of an external computer, which is what typical CCD astro cameras require.


But how does the system work though? Well, the box-like cooler sticks out from the regular LCD space on the camera’s back. The LCD is then flipped out to the side to make way for the cooler. Inside the camera’s body however is where all the magic happens.

The camera’s internal temperatures are brought down by a double Peltier cell by as much as 27°C, in order to reduce overall noise in shots.

Here’s a picture of the California nebula (NGC1499) captured by PrismaLuceLab’s CEO Filippo Bradaschia with the D5500a Cooled and AIRY ED100 apochromatic refractor:


In terms of specs, a 12V adapter fuels the D5500a Cooled’s cooling system, while there’s also a special filter placed in front of the sensor in order to increase sensitivity.

Want to get your hands on the D5500a Cooled? It’s retailing for US$2,422 and is available at

All images taken from PrismaLuceLab