October 4, 2016

Here’s some real talk: new cushion makeup excite us a lot less than they used to. Gone are the days when the launch of the latest cushion foundation, or blush, or eye colour has us ooh-ing and aah-ing over it, and the reason is simple: there are just so many cushions to choose from now.

You might argue that the heyday of the cushion trend has passed (we’re moving on to the next big thing now: stamping foundations), and we’re inclined to agree. So when the L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris Lucent Magique Porcelain Cushion landed on our desks, coming in a packaging that looked suspiciously alike its last cushion, the Lucent Magique BB Cushion Lumiere, we weren’t impressed.

But that all changed when we opened it:


Why yes, that’s a cushion imprinted with the image of the Eiffel Tower. Now that’s something else.

Besides being incredibly pretty to look at, the Eiffel Tower layer actually serves a more practical function as a smoothing net made with thousands of micro-dots that filter the foundation for an even finish. Under that is another “bouncy net” that whips the foundation into a creamy emulsion with each tap, for the softest possible texture.

And technically, this isn’t a cushion per se, since the actual cushion that usually holds the product has been left out, leaving just a foundation reservoir that allows you to get more use out of this product, since there’s no cushion to absorb or dry out the foundation. Of course, you’ll also want to know about the coverage: in comparison to the BB Cushion Lumiere, which was all about the brightening effect, the Porcelain Cushion is a lot less luminous, with a softer, demi-matte radiance that also has stronger coverage.

The brand has found that all the hype over Korean-style dewy skin that everyone used to want has also somewhat died down, with consumers also realising that dewiness just isn’t made for the Singapore clime. Which explains the movement towards matte skin once again, but a more advanced type of matte: one that still allows the skin to glow.

Sure, beauty trends come and go, and it’s highly likely that in 6 months or so we’ll be on to an entirely different complexion trend. But for now, we’re more than happy this is breathing a bit of life back into cushion makeup – but brands will definitely have to continually up their game to keep us excited.



L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris Lucent Magique Porcelain Cushion, $34.90. Available at all Watsons, Guardian and Sasa stores, and major hypermarkets and supermarkets and selected department stores from November. In the month of November, it will retail at an introductory price of $29.90.