October 11, 2016

In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of rainbow coloured locks, and this frequent sighting just makes one thing very clear – bold hues are gonna stick around. Anyone who’s tried the technicolour trend can attest to how fun it is to infuse some freshness to your hair, but getting those bright strands also involve the use of peroxide, which isn’t something to look forward to. Darker hair would require more bleach, and that’s what makes most of us a little hesitant on committing to a new dye job.

Usually, hydrogen peroxide is used to oxidise the colour of your hair, lifting the base of the colour off your strands. But all of that is changing now with Splat’s new Midnight Collection. The brand’s latest beauty innovation was specifically designed to allow those with darker hair to try out any colour their heart desires while keeping strands healthy. The new Splat dyes will infuse hair strands with micro-pigments that are finely milled, attaching to the hair for a intense colour as it leaves your hair damage-free. The best part is that it take just 45 minutes of your day to take your hair from black or brown to any dream colour for up to 8 weeks.


The magical hair dye collection is currently available in the United States at Target stores for only US$8.99 and on their website. Unfortunately, it’s unavailable for shipping at the moment and there are only 3 options to choose from right now, but we’re sure you guys will find your ways to get your hands on them and hopefully they’ll expand their collection soon too. Fingers crossed!

Main Image: Pinterest