October 12, 2016

You’d think the world has gotten over Gigi Hadid’s $2,000 Met Gala mirror manicure and that chrome nail polish by now, but the reflective metallic trend has only just begun. Between those two nail art trends lies a new one that was uncovered by celebrity manicurist and creative director of Paintbox, Julie Kandelec.

🚨TREND ALERT🚨 Sunglass nails 👓 spotted in Korea. Who wants them first?!!😎 #nofilter

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She stumbled upon the coolest manicure as she was searching for some inspiration in Seoul. Julie posted an image on Instagram of the new technique and it looks JUST like the lenses of your beloved polarised sunglasses. The image shows a single square-shaped nail that features a chic mirrored effect and it looks oh-so good. This is one manicure that’ll definitely catch your eye and it’ll even change its colours as you look at it. Julie shares that chrome nails are typically done with an incredibly fine pigment, and while the effect is gorgeous, the application process can get real messy as it is a one-step process.

Though there doesn’t seem to be a nail polish that caters to our innate magpie tendencies just yet, don’t worry, we’re still on the lookout for it. Meanwhile, Julie suggests showing your nail technician an image of the nail look if you’d like to recreate it with a similar chrome pigment. We know we’d love to wear our sunnies on our nails soon!

Def still seeing the opalescent trend strong in Korea! 🇰🇷💕🌟

A photo posted by Julie K (@julieknailsnyc) on