October 5, 2016

If you struggle with dry hair, the obvious conclusion is that your tresses lack moisture. Most of the time, you’d think of turning to moisturising shampoos and conditioners, at-home hair treatments, or hair oils to fix that – those all are workable solutions, but you might have realised that they aren’t long term ones.

We recently found out about one possible reason why, courtesy of a little hair lesson from the experts at Shiseido Professional. Turns out, there are two kinds of water that make up hair. Inside the hair shaft is something known as primary bound water, attached to the hair proteins with strong bonds – which means that it’s harder to lose these water molecules.

The water you should be worrying about is the secondary bound water, which is attached to the primary bound water – but with weak bonds. We hope we haven’t lost you with the science lesson here, but TL;DR: secondary bound water is easily lost, and when that happens, hair becomes dry and coarse.

That’s where Shiseido Professional’s Aqua Intensive line comes in, because it’s formulated with an ingredient called the Aqua Mimic Agent, made to replace the secondary bound water the hair has lost.


The new Shampoo (Light), $36; Shampoo, $36; Treatment 1, $42; Treatment 2, $42; and Mask, $76.

The range includes shampoos (there’s a new light version!), two types of treatments that function as conditioners, a hair mask for something more intensive, and leave-in products such as a hair lotion and caviar essence.

Hair oils are all the rage nowadays, and while we love how instantly they can soften the hair, we wish their effects lasted a bit longer. Once again, the Shiseido pros have figured out that’s because hair is made up of mostly water, and of course, water and oil don’t mix. For this reason, their two new hair oils that join the Aqua Intensive range are made of multiple layers, with one of them being hydrophilic so it’s able to better adhere to the hair molecules.


Oil Unlimited Silk, $42; Oil Unlimited Velvet, $42.

The next time you’re at the salon, ask for the Aqua Intensive Perfect Repair Treatment as well, if you need something that really goes deep. You know how we’ve always been told to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? Think of the Aqua Intensive line as the equivalent for your hair.


Shiseido Professional Aqua Intensive line, available at selected hair salons. See the Shiseido Professional Facebook page for full salon listings.

Main image: J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer ’17, courtesy NARS.