How You Can Easily Rock The 90s Grunge Look

The point of grunge rock lies in how alternative it is – right in its very definition, full of harsh and sometimes dissonant guitars paired with hazy vocals, brooding next to punk’s more fired-up power. When translated to fashion, it kinda means this: making a statement, but with as little effort as possible. So here are the threads you can rock up with.

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L – R: Overshirt with Floral Embroidery, $89.90; Slogan T-shirt, $19.90; Mom-fit Jeans with Patches, $79.90; Black Lace-Up Boots, $89.90

Unfussy styles that include a simple top and jeans, all at friendly price points; thing is, it’s only easy to look this effortless when you know where to look. Pull&Bear does this almost unthinkingly, pairing a cream crepe dress with an oversized army green shirt and boots that give the tomboy aesthetic a feminine spin, or knitwear with mesh skirts that you’ll need a whole lot of attitude for.
L – R: Cream Pleated Dress, $49.90; Black Jeans with Iron-On Patches; Jacket with Patches; Mesh Skirt

Embroidery and fun patches on jeans, jackets and shirts – plus the quintessential choker – all shout 90s grunge, while you can also snag a couple of iron-on patches to dress up that pair of old baggy jeans at the back of your wardrobe, the more worn the better, since this year’s trends have been about fashion throwbacks anyway. And while Pull&Bear follows suit with key 90s styles, they’ve remixed it with a couple of sports-luxe essentials: a shiny gold bomber jacket, varsity outerwear, and tops or trousers with clean stripes across. When that’s coupled with rockstar off-duty style, you can call it a match made in streetwear heaven.
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L – R: Multi-Strand Choker with Pendant, $14.90; Red Quilted Velvet Bag, $45.90;Iron-On Patches, $14.90

Pull&Bear Fall/Winter 2016 collection, available at Pull&Bear stores at ION Orchard, Bugis+ and VivoCity.