Trendy And Affordable Leather Bags Are A Real Deal

Ever since we started clicking our way through shopping, retailers have spruced up their websites, gave us free shipping and speedy door-to-door deliveries and weekly offers in our virtual mailboxes – in other words, all the convenience we need to buy things without leaving our house. They saw our need, “filled in the gap”, they say, and we’re happier for it; and Tocco Tenero is no exception. We’re getting a freshly revamped website that showcases their bags – really, for our convenience – which makes a difference because how often have we stumbled in the face of a virtual checkout button? Often enough, and with a cheerful array of quality leather goods greeting us from our screens now, probably more so than before.


After all, when Tocco Tenero started, they were trying to fill a different kind of gap – yeah, we know, it doesn’t sound terribly exciting when put that way, but hey, that just means they’re looking out for the average person, us. Those who can’t afford high-quality leather bags were settling for cheap but poorly-made offerings, and they couldn’t stand the injustice of it all; so, like a superhero, but far less pompous, they swooped in with one purpose in mind: affordable bags, but with a fine quality that trumps their competitors. Yep, they met our needs, and that proved a hit.
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The website now proudly showcases their functional and versatile designs in the forefront – take a look at the VERA collection for instance, including this minimalist flap bag with a chain strap that’s a shoulder sling, crossbody, or a clutch all at once, depending on how you wear it.
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There’s also a youthful aesthetic to the recent TENERO x TO-FU collection, a series of totes and bagpacks and clutches that feature the adorable Japanese cartoon figure in a vibrant print. Basically, more items that you’d want to add to your checkout cart, right about now.
TENERO x TO-FU collection, from $69 to $179, and VERA bag, $129 to $139. Available at selected department stores and online at