You Can Now Design Incredibly Stylish Watches with Schaffen

Why are luxury watches so bloody expensive? Well, it’s because you’re buying into a slice of history that the company represents, and more pertinently, you’re acquiring a status symbol of wealth. It’s why people continue buying these products, even when they can barely afford them.
But if you’re just purely into a watch’s style factor, there’s an equally classy (and a hell of lot more cheaper) alternative out there in the market. Introducing Schaffen Watches – a local start-up that has kick-started the custom-watch design concept in Singapore.
So what makes their watches so special, and why should customers consider getting them?
Firstly, when you buy a watch from Schaffen, no two pieces are exactly the same. Customers are able to select each individual component that goes into their watch, while they can also personalize signatures, texts, and unique designs on the dial of each watch.


“Schaffen is a German word meaning ‘to create’ and that’s exactly what we want our customers to do. The Schaffen customised watch-building experience is a novel way to craft a watch that is uniquely you”, says Nicholas Han, co-founder of Schaffen Watches.
Well, unique is a fluffy marketing word that is thrown around a lot these days, but in Schaffen’s case, it is guaranteed that no one else will flout the same watch designs as you on his or her wrist. It’s the ultimate watch for consumers who love highly individualised goods. And the fact that it’s a local brand, and a start-up at that makes it all the more impressive.
Internationally shipped materials include sapphire crystal glass, surgical-grade stainless steel, Italian full-grain calf leather straps, and Swiss Ronda 762 Calibre Quartz. Each watch has a water resistance of up to 30 metres and a limited three-year warranty.
Each watch retails for $299. For more information, visit