December 19, 2016

Just when the wave of holiday makeup collections has just passed by us, it’s time to ready ourselves for the first colours that are ringing in the new year. Looking at the ones here, 2017 is looking very promising already.



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In terms of colours, this collection is supposed to be straightforward: everything in this range is inspired by the five shades of red, black, gold, white and beige, also known as the colour codes of the house of Chanel; the ones that served as inspiration to Gabrielle Chanel herself. They also happen to form a timeless colour palette, one that can be brought into Autumn/Winter, and the years beyond.

New and exclusive: As with every Chanel makeup collection, the Exclusive Creation item is the star. This time, the Coco Code Exclusive Creation is a grid of four blush shades, two matte, two shimmery.


If we had to pick just one thing: The Le Top Coat in Black Métamorphosis, which is as its name implies: a sheer black top coat that subtly transforms whatever nail colour it’s painted over, to add a layer of intrigue to your manicure.


$36 to $103, available at CHANEL Beauty stores and counters from 6 January.




The collection name “Colour Gradation” shines through the clearest in the two Colour Gradation Palettes for the eyes, featuring shades of peach and blue in, as expected, a gradient that has already gotten us really excited to do some blending. The rest of the range sees Dior Beauty iconics coloured in pastel hues, as the brand has been known to do for the Spring/Summer season; plenty of pretty things, basically.

New and exclusive: Dior has gotten in on the ombré lip game finally, and this collection seems appropriate time to start, being gradient-themed and all. Meet the limited edition Dior Rouge Gradient Ombres à Lèvres, double-ended lip colours with a cushion tip applicators, in three pairs of matte shades. There’s also the Lip Sugar Scrub Sweet Exfoliating Balm, which looks like the Lip Glow on the outside, but is actually a gentle lip exfoliator in stick form on the inside.




If we had to pick just one thing: The Colour Gradation Palette in 002 Coral Gradation, surely. Which girl can resist a palette made up of hues like that?


$37 to $102, available at Dior Beauty stores and counters from 1 January.




Of this collection, François Nars tells of being inspired by this film named Brother Sun, Sister Moon, in which the main character spends plenty of time in a wild field. That explains the multitude of earthy tones, punctuated by brights like azure blue, and a shimmering violet.

New and exclusive: Nothing entirely new, but hey, the Matte Multiples are now back! Within this collection, the shade to try is Mauritanie, a burnt red. The limited edition shades in this collection include the Velvet Shadow Stick in Grande-Large and Usbek, a metallic sky blue and vivid purple respectively; both shades of the Lipsticks in Kiss Me Stupid and Breaking Free, a burnt sienna and neon coral; and the Lip Gloss in Asphalt Jungle, a shimmering sangria.


If we had to pick just one thing: The Lip Gloss in Aragón is a red chestnut shade that we’d think would be something fresh when worn in a glossy finish. We’d put away our matte colours to try this one.


$38 to $60, available at NARS counters from 1 January.




The street art influences are strong here, with the palettes covered in a design resembling graffiti, emblazoned with bold slogans. The colours in the collection are meant to pop; we see plenty of bright pink, peach and orange.

New and exclusive: Meet the Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Duo Stick, the solid version of the original Baby Doll cheek and lip colour. What’s interesting here is how it’s separated into two halves, one a sheer balm, the other a matte colour. No rules for how to wear it, really.


If we had to pick just one thing: We’re declaring white nails a Spring 2017 manicure trend, and we now have the La Laque Couture in No. 80 Blanc Arty to achieve it. Another nifty way to use it is as a base coat, to make any other colour that goes on after pop more.


$39 to $105, available at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté stores and counters from 1 January.




Not so much a new colour collection, but more of a whopping selection of familiar products that have gotten some pretty major revamps. UD has chosen to focus on upgrading their hit complexion sprays, with two new prepping sprays and a packaging makeover for the ever-popular makeup setting sprays (they’re now grey instead of white, so they won’t get stained with makeup so easily). Also a main attraction is the new line of complexion primers, alongside shade extensions of eye, cheek and lip colours.

New and exclusive: The four Complexion Primers, to cover your bases (ha) for pretty much every skin concern. The Optical Illusion Complexion Primer is tinted light pink for a skin brightening and blurring effect; the Bright & Tight Complexion Primer shimmers a little, adding a pearlescent glow to the skin; the Self-Adjusting Complexion Primer contains encapsulated pigments that can adjust to your skin tone upon application; while the De-Slick Complexion Primer mattifies and smoothens the skin, not leaving any chance for unwanted shine to appear.


If we had to pick just one thing: The Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray, because it smells like a luscious beach holiday (thanks to the coconut water in the formula), while immediately brightening and moisturising the skin.


$30 to $55, available at Urban Decay stores and Sephora from 1 January.




“Play like a girl, attract like a lady” – that’s the intention behind this unabashedly child-like makeup collection from shu uemura, which we suppose is meant to take us back to the days of playing dress-up. Unsurprisingly, we see plenty of pink across this collection, from in the Eye & Cheek Palettes to the sheer lip colours, to the customisable palette cases.

New and exclusive: The Play Date Eye & Cheek Palette, in three colour combinations that are whimsically named “Sunflower Orange”, “Pink Sundae” and “Water Slide Blue” in a mix of metallic and pearlised textures for subtle shimmer.


If we had to pick just one thing: To be honest, it’s not any of the colours, but the Play Date Custom Palette Quad, just so we can keep our eyeshadow colours in a pretty pink case.


$22 to $98, available at shu uemura stores and counters from 1 January.




RMK turns 20 this year, and the brand has chosen to kickstart the celebrations with a makeup collection based on pink and beige. We’re definitely glad for the wearability of that; this also makes the products highly useful for recreating the igari makeup look that’s so trendy in Japan, where round patches of pink blush sit high up on the cheeks to make them look intentionally flushed. We love the packaging on everything here too.

New and exclusive: The Face Pop Eyes duo eyeshadow palette (yup, it’s for the eyes, despite the somewhat confusing name) does the colour pairing for us by each consisting of one pink shade, and one beige shade. The beige tones are supposed to go on first, followed by the pink to be blended above.


If we had to pick just one thing: Picking just one item is hard, when we want all the shades from the Face Pop Lips and Face Pop Matte Lips lipstick ranges. The Face Pop Lips is made up of four beige shades in a pearly finish, while the Face Pop Matte Lips in three shades of bright pink, also the first time we’ve seen RMK do matte lip colours.


$25 to $58, available at RMK counters from 6 January.




Laura Mercier wants to keep it straightforward for spring: flushed cheeks, scarlet lips, and a smudge of smoky colour over the eyes. The Spring 2017 makeup collection may be compact, but we find that it has all the essentials, refreshed for the new year with a limited edition packaging that it’s all about the simple joys of life – handy reminder for the year ahead.

New and exclusive: Flushed cheeks come courtesy of the Windflush Colour Powder for Cheeks & Eyes, a baked powder in a soft peach shade. And yes, as the name suggests, go ahead and brush it onto the eyes too, for a brightening effect.


If we had to pick just one thing: The two limited edition shades of the Velour Lovers Lip Colour are a bright red and pink in a matte-metallic texture, with a special edition packaging that spells out “Joie de Vivre”. They’re both classic colours, but we especially like the shade names: “Happy” and “Smile”, both nice daily reminders.

velour-lovers-lip-colour-in-happy-42 velour-lovers-lip-colour-in-smile-42

$37 to $68, available at Laura Mercier counters and Sephora ION from mid-January.