December 27, 2016

For some reason, new primers always excite us. Maybe it’s the promise of the absolutely smooth, flawless complexion they hold in their sleek tubes and bottles; the ability to smooth over the skin to create a perfect base for makeup to go on, even if our skin is anything but perfect to begin with. In the context of Singapore’s relentless humidity, their all-important ability to keep makeup from sliding off our faces before the end of the day is what’s prized the most.

So that’s why we’re excited about this launch. It’s not that NARS doesn’t already have primers, but they’re giving their primer line a little renovation. These 3 new releases come in long, thin and lightly-coloured tubes, which will replace the black versions that come shorter and wider in the current selection. In the variants Radiance Primer, Pore & Shine Control Primer and Smooth & Protect Primer, they also respectively replace the Light Optimizing Primer, Pore Refining Primer and Multi-Protect Primer in the current range.


Besides the most evident differences in the packaging, we also notice the SPF’s been amped up for 2 of the variations: a minimum of SPF35/PA+++ in the Radiance Primer, going up to a SPF50/PA++++ in the Smooth & Protect.

The Radiance Primer, with its bright peach hue and pearlescence, should be your go to if your skin is looking a little lacklustre and in need of some warmth in its colour. We suspect the Pore & Shine Control, with its soft focus powders and mattifying powers, will be especially popular here in Singapore; the Smooth & Protect should fare well too, since it also has pore-blurring properties and provides such high UV protection with no residue at all.

It looks like we have plenty of primers to get excited about next month (Urban Decay is doing a full new range as well); if it’s not yet a category of makeup that interests you, this really shouldn’t be the case – as François Nars himself said, “If the skin looks beautiful, everything else will look great.”


NARS Primers, $65. Available at NARS counters from January 2017.