HIC's New Soup Range Is Served In a Bottle

Ah, the holiday season — great for our mental health, but not so great for our waistlines. With Christmas, New Year AND Chinese New Year taking place one after another with little break in between, it’s understandable if you’ve been eating too much and exercising too little.


If you’ve made resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle (“new year, new me”, anyone?), HIC’s new soup range could be your new best friend. Developed by HIC’s CEO and her team of in-house nutritionists, these soups are made using 100% whole foods and feature no artificial additives. The soup also comes in five flavours — Creamy Mushroom, Tomato Basil, Watercress Zucchini, Green Pea, and Carrot ’N’ Spice — ensuring that your taste buds won’t be feeling bored anytime soon.

While the soup certainly sounds like it would appease even the most health-conscious of eaters, what we love most is the fact that each serving comes in a bottle. We’re very much on board with the idea of waking up, putting a bottle of soup in our bag, and going about our day without having to worry about what to eat. And don’t worry about your soup getting cold — HIC says that the it “can be enjoyed warm or chilled.”
Each 500ml bottle of HIC Soup costs $14.50, and can be purchased on their website (as part of their 5:2 soup diet) or any of their four physical stores.
HIC Soup, $14.50, available now. www.hicjuice.com