January 10, 2017

A year ago, luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton made the ultimate pinky promise, pledging to make the world a much better place. The brand teamed up with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to launch a global initiative that will aid children in urgent need by raising funds. To seal the deal, Louis Vuitton designed a Silver Lockit bracelet and pendant, retailing for US$500 and US$600 respectively. For every one sold, US$200 of the purchase will be donated to UNICEF.

Now, Louis Vuitton is launching its very first #MakeAPromise Day on 12 January 2017 to renew its support. Through Louis Vuitton’s global network of stores, Louis Vuitton’s Client Advisors will step into their roles as special advocates of the partnership to encourage the sales of the Silver Lockit. Since its initiation last January, the collaboration has helped raise a remarkable US$2.5m to deliver dire life-saving humanitarian support in Syria and Nigeria.


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In such critically distressing political circumstances, it has brought hope to the youth who have suffered and endured the horrors of war. These significant contributions have protected four and a half million children and their families in Syria through the provision of water. However, these children still need our help.

On #MakeAPromise Day, join in on the movement and bring along your nearest and dearest to make that same commitment. For those who purchase two Silver Lockits, a special offer will be made available to you at all Louis Vuitton stores and on for 12 January. So, let’s extend a helping hand to make a pinky promise or a direct donation. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #LouisVuitton and #MakeAPromise on snaps of your new Silver Lockits.

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All images courtesy of Louis Vuitton