January 11, 2017

The tech wearable market is a strange one. Most of the products have similar functions – to help you get your fitness game on – but glaringly, plenty of these same products have one bad thing in common: they don’t fare well when it comes to style.

That’s what Motiv is looking to change. The fledging tech company has crammed all of a fitness band’s features into its new product – the sleek-looking Motiv ring, which is essentially a tiny Fitbit (if comparisons are to be made).

Petite and discreet, the Motiv ring is ideal for users who don’t like displaying clunky objects on their wrists. Good looks aside, it can also do what any self-respecting fitness tracker can – it has an optical sensor to monitor your heart rate, it can track your steps, keep tabs on your sleep, and record “active minutes” for you.

The ring does that by syncing to an app and storing data inside, letting you look through overviews of your day, as well as check on your exercise goals. Even better? This wearable device is waterproof up to 50 metres, so swimming with it won’t be a problem.

Covered with an “ultra-light titanium shell”, the Motiv ring comes in rose gold and slate gray and can last for a good three to five days on a single charge. Watch the preview video below:

The Motiv Ring is retailing at $199 (pre-order) and is available at

All images taken from Motiv.