January 9, 2017

Back when physical keypads were still a thing and 2-megapixel cameras were the pinnacle of technology, Nokia was on the forefront of the mobile phone market. With the introduction of smartphones, however, the company never seemed to catch on (remember Lumia phones? neither do we) and slowly faded into obscurity as companies like Apple and Samsung took over.

Fast forward to 2017 — Nokia has been acquired by Finnish mobile company HMD Global, and just announced their first re-entry into the smartphone market. Called the Nokia 6 (what happened to the first five?), the Android phone seems to pride itself on solid construction, with the company boasting that each one goes through a rigorous manufacturing process that takes more than 10 hours. While the phone’s full list of features haven’t been revealed, initial specifications suggest that it’ll be marketed as a mid-range smartphone (4GB of RAM and a 16-megapixel camera isn’t really anything to write home about), which might be a smart approach considering how long Nokia has been out of the game.

The Nokia 6 is scheduled to be released in “early 2017”, if you were planning to get one for some reason, you’re out of luck — the phone will currently only be released in China. Based on first impressions, nothing about the phone really stands out, so you might be better off sticking with that iPhone for now anyway.