January 9, 2017

Thought you had a bad 2016? Just look at Samsung. The tech giant’s Galaxy Note 7 had an “explosive” year last year, and not in a good way at all. Samsung however has a new hope – the Galaxy Note 8, which is scheduled to release in the second half of 2017.

According to BusinessKorea, the Note 8 will pack a few significant upgrades over its detonating predecessor. For instance, it’ll have a 4K display, a Bixby voice assistant, an upgraded S Pen, as well as enhanced VR compatibility.

What’s one reason for the Note 8’s higher resolution UHD (ultra-high definition) 4K Super AMOLED display? It’s simple – the rise of VR. Samsung is looking to tap into growing usage of virtual reality technology, and 4K is viewed as a key resolution that people will be comfortable with when viewing screens close to their eyes. In other words, this new display is perfect for VR.

Besides a swanky new display, the ‘Bixby’ voice assistant is Samsung’s answer to the Siri/Google AI Assistant. Rumour has it that the Bixby will also be more advanced than Siri.

Whether these new improvements are enough to offset the fiasco that Samsung faced last year remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it’s good to see the company carrying on with the Note line, and who knows, they might just recoup a huge portion of that 5 billion dollars lost.

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Cover image taken from Samsung.