Shiseido's New Brightening Products Will Change Your Makeup Routine

Living in a mostly sunny tropical island has conditioned us to know all about the ins-and-outs of the dangers of UV damage, hence you have your dearest friends carrying umbrellas under the hot sun, while almost everyone you know takes the extra step to put on sunscreen in the morning, for fear of spots or blemishes on their skin. A little inconvenience is fine if the trade-off is healthy, radiant skin, we tell ourselves.
That’s the reason why Shiseido did a revamp of their White Lucent collection as well, a whitening range inspired by professional cosmetic procedures that target spots — both reducing existing spots, while preventing future ones at the same time. Frankly, that makes maintaining good skin a whole lot more convenient.


Most of the line features products that work via what they term “Double Strike Whitening” — a combination of melanin-inhibiting technologies that remove existing melanin, the cause of those spots, and a melanin resistance technology that builds our skin’s resistance. The aim is to eliminate dullness and dark spots in order to achieve clear, radiant skin.
This year, there are two new exciting additions to the range, namely, the White Lucent All Day Brightener N that’s a smooth and effective daytime moisturiser, and an OnMakeup Brightening Spot Correcting Serum that works as a concealer while delivering brightening ingredients into our skin. Skincare or makeup? We can’t decide because it’s a little bit of both, but yep, we’ve already got them added into our daily makeup routine. Here’s what you should know about the newcomers.
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White Lucent All Day Brightener N 50+ PA++++
You should never leave home without moisturising your face — after all, underneath your makeup, you want your skin to be constantly hydrated over the course of the day. It means your makeup doesn’t get cakey, and also, come on, good-looking skin in the long run. Add this brightening moisturiser to your routine then. The fact that it already contains SPF is a good thing, and an improvement too from the previous formula; it now matches the SPF of the Japanese brand’s best-selling suncreen. What’s even better is that it combats dark spots too.
First, an invisible veil of ions spreads evenly across your skin and protects it from environmental aggressors including UV rays and air pollution. Then, the good stuff gets delivered into your skin gradually throughout the day. Shiseido’s propriety whitening ingredient, 4MSK, along with multi-target Vitamin C, and Vitamin E and C derivatives, are housed inside time delivery capsules that, over time, continually deliver brightening and antioxidant benefits into your skin.
On top of that, the formula contains Light-Transform Powder, more commonly found in the brand’s makeup products as it reflects light to instantly bring out a naturally glowing complexion. Sure, you might think this as a skincare product, but it can improve your makeup too — and you know how much we all love two-in-one products. Or should we say, three-in-one since it’s a sunscreen and a moisturiser and now, a primer too. Texture-wise, this lightweight cream glides on smoothly and yep, tried-and-tested, does emit that healthy glow we’re all yearning for.
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OnMakeup Spot Correcting Serum SPF25 PA+++
As for this nifty item, it’s both a serum and a concealer that you can use over your makeup, as the name implies. What’s innovative is the Spot-Erasing Technology that’s packed into this. The initial step involves the formula adhering to spot areas and naturally correcting uneven micro-contours and skin tone; all you’ll see is that the dark spots that you want to get covered, gets covered without seeming like a cover-up at all. Then, oil capsules filled with brightening ingredients blend in with your foundation, and allows the serum to reach into the deeper layers of your skin. Basically, it supplies protein to dark spot areas in order to correct the cell turnover process; excess melanin will no longer get trapped and skin cells get renewed at a healthier rate.

Since this is also a concealer, there are three shades available: natural light, natural and medium. What we enjoyed was how the design of the pen makes it incredibly easy to spread the formula; twist the back of the device to dispense the cool liquid, then use the flat spatula tip at the end to smooth it where it’s needed. A couple of gentle taps with your fingertips should make it nearly invisible. Toss it into your bag and you’ll be ready for your next touch-up too.
With these two brightening products, used in unison with the rest of the White Lucent range, you can look forward to better skin in no time — we have bright hopes about this one.
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Shiseido White Lucent White Lucent All Day Brightener N 50+ PA++++, $85, and OnMakeup Spot Correcting Serum SPF25 PA+++, $55, available at Shiseido counters.