January 11, 2017

Phone cases with added features aren’t exactly a new invention, but the OneCase for the iPhone caught our attention because it manages to fit an unbelievable amount of impressive features into, well, one case.


Let’s start with the basics: the OneCase brings back the 3.5mm audio jack and adds an extra 4-6 hours to your phone’s battery life, but there are plenty of cases on the market that already do that. What sets the OneCase apart from the rest, however, is that it also allows you to add a memory card with up to 256GB of storage to your phone, which means that you could essentially turn a 32GB iPhone into a 288GB one. You could probably save all your Snapchat stories — twice — and still have enough space to store all six seasons of Game of Thrones.


If that wasn’t enough, the OneCase has several other tricks up its sleeve, such as a built-in wide-angle lens, a kickstand for hands-free video watching, and there’s even a hidden slot for your SIM card ejector tool, so you’ll never have to resort to using your earrings ever again. One downside is that your phone probably won’t be as slim as you’d like it to be, but for everything that you’re getting in exchange, it just might be worth the extra bulk.

The OneCase is scheduled to ship in May 2017, and you can get it for $139 USD by backing the Indiegogo project here.

Images taken from Wattamp