January 5, 2017

In the lead up to the Lunar New Year, everything’s got to be as huat as possible. That usually means spring cleaning to chase out the old and bring in the new, breaking out the red underwear, and not scheduling that haircut appointment till CNY’s over.

This is also the time when all the foods considered to be auspicious start appearing everywhere, including mandarin oranges (for luck), bamboo shoots (for wealth), and pineapples (for both luck and wealth), which we like best, because well, pineapple tarts.

As much as this spiky fruit has plenty of huat, we’d never think of adding it to our outfits, until Charles & Keith made pineapples suddenly seem very stylish indeed with this collection of pineapple print accessories for the CNY season.


Featuring a zip purse, passport holder and crossbody bag, which we already see going perfectly with our CNY outfits. And even pretty wearable long after the last of the angbaos have been collected, because these pineapples aren’t too in-your-face, unlike certain other ones that tend to come with pens (gosh, we sure hope we won’t see anymore of that in 2017).


Charles & Keith pineapple accessories, $26.90 to $59.90. Available at Charles & Keith stores later in January.