February 9, 2017

It’s been quite awhile since an Apple product truly wowed the world.

Not to worry though. That might all change very soon, at least according to a new patent that reveals the electronics giant is developing some serious tech that’ll transform its next line of headphones into portable speakers.

The patent, which was granted earlier this Tuesday, describes the new headphones as enabling listeners to switch between in-ear listening and speaker mode by simply shifting the ear buds outwards at 90-degrees.

There aren’t any official images yet (the cover photo is just a conceptualisation of what the headphones could look like), but here are some blueprints for you to browse through:

apple-airpods-earphones-speakers-03 2

apple-airpods-earphones-speakers-02 2

“A sensor in the headphones can detect the current position of the headphones, and can change the mode of the circuit to correspond to the detected current position,” reads the document, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

“For example, the sensor can change between an in-ear mode in which the amplifier is bypassed and a speaker mode in which the amplifier is powered and used.”

Before all you folks get too excited though, this is still just a patent, and it’s worthwhile to note that most patents never make it out see to the light of day.

Still, it is pretty exciting knowing that there is a possibility of having a product that packs two essential music listening functions in one, and we hope that any potential over here translates into reality sooner rather than later.

Cover image taken from ConceptsiPhone