February 7, 2017

We all have things we love to hate. Whether it’s people who slurp their food loudly or Donald Trump’s tweeting habits, there’s nothing like a little bit of hate to bring people together. So, is it any surprise that there’s now a dating app based on this approach?

Introducing Hater – a brand new dating app that matches you with people who dislike the same annoying things as you. This concept is definitely a refreshing and novel one, considering that other dating apps like Tinder revolve around superficialities like looks and a short bio description.


Hater is completely different though. How the app works is that it provides 3,000 topics for people to choose from – ranging from butt selfies to slow walkers. After which, the app will then use its algorithm to match you with potential mates based on factors like mutual dislikes and location.

You can either love, like, dislike, or hate topics, and operating the app is pretty simple. All you’ve got to do is swipe up for love, down for hate, left to dislike, and right to like. Talking to someone for the first time on this app should be pretty easy, though if starting conversations still get the better of you, Hater has an interactive built-in game to help you break the ice.


And while the app is all about hate, Hater does not promote hateful or negative behaviour, and you can get banned if you actually start doing something more harmful than ranting non-stop about restaurants that put too much ice in your drink.

Hater officially launches on February 8 but there’s a beta version you can try out now on iOS. The app will be made available for Android this spring.

All images taken from Hater.