February 7, 2017

Historically, electronics and their accessories have always been decked out in a neutral silver or black (or dark blue, if they’re feeling *adventurous*), but it looks like Apple changed the game when they released the iPhone, iPad and Macbook in a rose gold colourway. Giving off a hint of playfulness while still keeping it classy, every other brand has since jumped on the rose gold bandwagon, and here four accessories that we’re wouldn’t mind adding to our tech lineup:

Belkin Mixit Metallic Power Pack 6600

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We’re not sure how our phone batteries survived an entire day before portable chargers were a thing, but they have since become one of the must-have accessories in our bags. The MIXIT Metallic Power Pack 6600 features a…you guessed it, 6,600 mAh battery that can fully power your phone three times in a single charge, but we’re honestly more interested in the rose gold finish, which adds a touch of style for those situations where you have to awkwardly hold your it in your hands while it’s reviving your phone after one too many Snapchats.

$89 at, available now

Belkin Mixit Duratek Lightning to USB Cable

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Broken lightning cables are almost a rite of passage for any iPhone user, and instead of forking out $28 for another Apple lightning cable that’ll inevitably break again, you might want to invest in something a little sturdier this time. The Belkin Mixit Duratek lightning cable is made with Kevlar — the material used to make crash helmets and bulletproof vests — and an 18mm strain relief means that you don’t have to worry about it bending in your bag. Pair that with a rose gold aesthetic, and you’ve got a winning combination of form and functionality.

$45 at, available now

Caudabe The Veil XT


Considering how fragile iPhones can be (we’re willing to bet that you know at least one friend who’s living with a cracked screen), cases have become one of the first accessories you buy after getting a new phone. If you want to protect your phone but still show off its sleek form factor, the Caudabe Veil XT measures at just 0.35mm, making it one of the thinnest cases you can find on the market. Even with that kind of thinness, the case still provides a slightly raised edge at the camera cutout to protect the iPhone’s protruding camera lens from being scratched, and the rose gold option means that you can still show off your phone’s literal true colours.

$19.95 USD at, available now

Monowear Mesh Apple Watch Band

mesh_c_rose mesh_o_rose2

If you’ve gone ahead and bought an Apple Watch, chances are you aren’t exactly feeling that silicon sport band that goes with literally nothing in your wardrobe. If you’re looking to switch your straps out but aren’t willing to spend the money on the grossly overpriced ones that Apple sells ($218 for a standard leather band? No thank you), Monowear’s collection of straps might be an alternative worth considering. Available in a variety of materials including metal and nylon, we’re especially feeling the rose gold mesh version that can be rocked at both the office and the bar.

$39.90 (usual price $89.90) at, available now