February 17, 2017

Truth: we’ve always admired Tabitha Nauser, whether it’s for her on fleek makeup and fashion style that we never cease to double-tap on Instagram, her caramel voice in our ears when she was on air as one of 987FM’s DJs, or when she took a bold step onto the stage, portraying night club dancer Mimi in Pangdemonium’s production of RENT, where she brought an innocent sensuality to everyone’s favourite misunderstood character.

But we like her best when she’s at her most raw, and some say, honest — and if her new R&B single ‘Bulletproof’ is anything to go by, she’s flaunting plenty of that bold attitude, while being totally comfortable too.


Sure, we got a hint of it last year while interviewing our NYLON Singapore cover star, but honestly, never realised she’d be dropping her new track less than one year later. Then, when asked what her own brand of music would sound like, she described, “So think of Beyonce [the album]. If that had a baby with Justin Bieber’s current album Purpose — I don’t lie, I’m a Belieber — that would be the kind of music that I’d make. And throw in a bit of Rihanna, her latest Anti kind of stuff.” Which sounds just about right, if you’re giving this a listen.

It’s the kind of song that gets in your head the more you listen to it, preferably at night, partly a soulful lament set in the modern times, with thumping beats that build to a chorus of clean, pure vocals set against a mesmerising electronic track, yet still with that sweet tone that we’ve come to recognise as a distinct part of her voice. In fact, even the lyrics remind us of Mimi — the edgy 2016 version. She might not have the powerhouse vocals of music’s greatest divas, but given the 24-year-old singer’s new commitment to making music, especially after being signed on to Sony Music Entertainment Singapore, and with this powerhouse of a single, we can’t wait for more.

Listen to it here and remember — turn it up.