Meet Jollylook, The World’s First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera

Analog cameras have a certain sort of charm about them. They look great, plus, you get this really cool vintage effect when you snap photos with one. It’s all part and parcel of the magical mechanical experience, something you’d definitely experience with Jollylook.


This hipster looking, fold out analog camera doesn’t just look an antique gem, it’s one as well. The camera’s body is made entirely out of recycled paper and cardboard, with a pair of lenses and a cartridge for modern day Fujifilm instant mini photos. So there are no electronics over here.

“Jollylook uses less materials than used in the packaging of a regular camera,” the Ukrainian startup says. “Jollylook is as dangerous to the environment as a banana peel.”
How this gorgeous retro device works is really simple. All you’ve got to do is pull out of the viewfinder at the top of the camera, look through it, and click to activate the shutter.

Next, you have to turn a handle on the camera’s side to eject your photo. As your photo is being rolled up, a seal with processing liquid is broken, commencing the film’s development.

Here are some sample photos from the Jollylook:




Right now, the camera is still undergoing a Kickstarter campaign, but funding has surpassed its initial goal of $15,000. Pledges start from $38.
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All images taken from Jollylook.