February 16, 2017

One of these days, machines are going to completely wipe us from existence. Okay, fine, so we exaggerate. A Terminator doomsday scenario is still pretty far-fetched. All the same, it doesn’t change the fact that modern day gadgets are ridiculously intelligent.

One example is Samsung’s new smart fridge – the Family Hub 2.0.


Touchscreen-enabled, with voice recognition capabilities, this smart home appliance can do what any regular old refrigerator does, only just a whole lot more. Besides responding to voice commands like your very own Jarvis, it’s able to tell the weather, play music, and create calendars. Plus, it has an extensive library of global recipes to choose from.

After playing with the recipe feature at Samsung’s 2017 Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum, we found that it was incredibly simple to use. All you’ve got to do is just type in your dish and search. There were even recipes for local dishes like Nasi Lemak available, so kudos to Samsung for doing their foodie research.

FamilyHub2.0_Silver_Left_Perspective (1)

Here’s the silver model.

Through built-in cameras, there’s a function that allows you to visually see what’s left in your fridge via the 21.5-inch LED touchscreen without actually opening the fridge’s doors. Though we find that a little redundant, cause how tedious can opening a fridge door be, right?

One downside? This fridge is only going to be available in the Australian market for now. But, if it does well, Samsung may very well soon roll it out in Singapore. Let’s hope that that’s sooner rather than later. A fridge that’s like a gigantic smartphone is definitely a fridge worth having.

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All images taken from Samsung.