The Next iPhone Might Feature Wireless Charging

We weren’t exactly ecstatic when Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone, but removing the need for a charging cable? Now that’s something that we can get on board with. As with every upcoming iPhone release, people are already speculating what the next iteration will feature (we swear this is an actual full-time job), and rumours are strongly hinting that the 10th Anniversary iPhone might finally feature wireless charging.
While Apple has previously dabbled with wireless charging in the form of the Apple Watch, 9to5MAC reports that the company is now a member of the Wireless Power Consortium — the governing body of wireless technology — which suggests that they’re getting serious about applying the technology on a wider scale. One of the more interesting rumours is that Apple might be taking it one step further with long-range charging, which would allow phones to be charged from a distance without having to place it on a charging pad. What a time to be alive!
Of course, rumours are just rumours, and there’s really no way to confirm if they’re true until Apple reveals the iPhone itself. If wireless charging is a reality — and you add AirPods into the equation — then it looks like Apple is moving towards a phone that won’t require any wires at all, which is great considering how many times we’ve had to replace those fragile lightning cables. September really can’t come soon enough.