These Soaps Look And Smell Exactly Like Real Roses

We’re calling it — what Sandome Cura has to offer is definitely the prettiest bath soaps that we’ve ever seen.
And these aren’t just the usual decorated blocks of glycerin soap base in the many d-i-y videos that we’ve seen; the soaps that we’re talking about are created with insane precision and meticulosity that it’s almost heartbreaking to think that their forms will be ruined once we actually get to using them.

Just take a peek at their latest Petals series, where the soaps are shaped, very, very, very beautifully as roses. They look exactly like real flowers, right down to every curve and crevice. How they do it, we don’t know, but we sure as hell aren’t complaining.


The Petals series is created specially for Valentine’s Day, so it’s a seasonal edition thing and we aren’t sure if they’ll remain in the permanent line. That said, you can pick from a variety of rose bundles, from a trio set to a whole box of multi-coloured roses. Choose from solid colours to ombré hues — you name it, they’ve got it.

Plus, these rose-scented soaps serve a more practical function than well, real roses. You could still take a gazillion pictures of it for the Instagram #aesthetics, but this time, actually use it in the shower too.
Practical gifts make real romance, guys.
And now that we’ve got your attention, take a fiver and have a scroll through the local brand’s site — they have so much more to offer, such as macaron-shaped soaps, chocolate-coated strawberries inspired ones, and an ice cream range that looks exactly like soft serve in a cone (kill us now).


On top of that, should you feel that you’d have to further personalise your soap, Sandome Cura has customisation services that you could employ as well.
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Header Image: Sandome Cura