This Device Gives You Wi-Fi Anywhere In The World Without a SIM Card

In an ideal world, our SIM cards would provide us with an unlimited and speedy Internet connection wherever we go, including when we’re in other countries. While that sadly isn’t the case, there is one device in the market that promises to bring us closer to that reality: the Glocal Me U2.
This sleek gadget, developed by Hong Kong-based company uCloudlink Network Technology, eliminates the need for you to purchase prepaid SIM cards or rent Wi-Fi devices whenever you’re overseas.
So, how does it work? Well, the Glocal Me U2 allows you to connect to 4G Wi-Fi in over 100 countries, and up to five devices can connect to it via cloud SIM technology. If you wish to switch to local data, the gadget has SIM slots available as well.


A working life of 12 hours ensures your Internet usage will be be covered for most of the day, but what’s even better is that the Glocal Me U2 lets you stay connected in relatively remote locations, without any service. Plus, it’s extremely useful as a personal hotspot. This is especially so when you’re competing with other people on the same Wi-Fi network.
There is one slight caveat however. You’ve got to pay for data packages, although they’re pretty reasonable. The plan for Southeast Asia will cost you $18 for 1GB for one year and the worldwide 106 countries plan will set you back $44 for 1GB for one year. The Glocal Me U2 itself costs $142.
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All images taken from GlocalMe.