This Secret Wine Purse Lets You Drink Anywhere, at Anytime

Wine is great for enjoying anywhere, at anytime. So it’s pretty sad that short of stopping at a bar or lugging a bottle around, it’s pretty tricky to get a decent wine fix when you’re outside. Till now that is.
Introducing Bella Vita’s PortoVino leather wine purse – a bag that does exactly what its name suggests: it stores your favourite vino for you, making it easy for you to enjoy tipples on the go. We never thought this was possible, but dreams do come true after all.

Coming in colours of blue, black, and red, this marvellous invention of a bag holds up to 1.5 litres of liquid in an insulated carrier, so there’s no chance of your wine getting warm. How it works is that there’s a built-in spout attached to the carrier, which can then be pulled out of the bag to dispense your wine.

Even better, there’s more than enough space to carry around your daily essentials, so convenience isn’t an issue here. Of course, the carrier is re-fillable, and it doesn’t have to be stocked with wine. But don’t kid yourself over here. We all know that that’s what you’re going to do.
BellaVita’s PortoVino bag is retailing at US$74.95 and is available via
All images taken from BellaVita.