February 14, 2017

Ah, alarm clocks. We hate them so, so much. Still, we can’t do without them, which makes oversleeping after switching off a series of loud alarms all the more annoying. However, all that’s going to change with Ruggie – the ultimate alarm clock for sleepyheads.

This snooze-proof, genius of an invention actually forces you to get out of bed, as the only way to switch it off is by placing both of your feet on its rug-shaped body, as evidenced in the video below:

So yes, it is extreme useful, even if it doesn’t look like much (last we checked, dreary old rugs didn’t score very high when it came to style).

What’s cool about this gadget though is that it actually talks, dishing out a series of motivational quotes so you won’t get too cranky when being forced to get out of bed.

And if loud blaring sounds don’t do the trick for you, there’s the option of uploading custom mp3s to awaken you from your slumber.

Right now, the Ruggie Alarm Clock is retailing at US$99 and is available via The clock comes in either blue or white.

For more information, visit

All images taken from Ruggie.