This Waterproof Casing Helps You Snap Gorgeous Underwater Photos with your iPhone

The iPhone is pretty convenient in most situations. Well, except when it gets wet that is. Forget the iPhone 7’s water resistance. Dive underwater with one and you’re most likely going to have to give it a permanent farewell, that’s for sure.
Nevertheless, thanks to the wonders of technology, there’s still a way to snap wonderful pictures the next time you’re exploring the deep blue. Introducing LenzO – a specialised casing that transforms your iPhone into a legit diving camera. Created by Emmy Award-winning underwater cinematographer Anthony Lenzo and the designer of National Geographic’s first underwater housing, Valerie Ranetkins, this case protects your iPhone down to a mind-blowing depth of 100 metres, as seen in the video below:

Not only that, LenzO ensure that the iPhone maintains its touchscreen capabilities inside the casing as well. It does this by using two control systems – one for the user to operate on the outside, and another internal system that utilises a small arm to control the phone’s screen and carry out commands.
LenzO’s optical dome are is designed for land and underwater use, though if you’re interested, there’s a built-in functional selfie lens to get your underwater #OOTD on.

Right now, the LenzO is only available for the iPhone 6 and 6S, but the company is currently undergoing a kickstarter campaign to produce models for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus series.
Whatever the case may be; taking underwater photos with your iPhone is going to be a whole lot easier.
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All images taken from ValsTech.