Adidas Adds a Touch of Colour to the Superstar

Considering how hyped the NMD has become, its no surprise that Adidas releases new versions of the sneaker on an almost weekly basis to keep themselves on top of the sneaker game. Despite the ever-growing number of colourways however, last year’s NMD “Tri-colour” still remains a favourite among sneakerheads, with its blue, black and red stripes on the side giving a subtle statement look that’s not usually seen on other models. Now, it looks like the brand with the three stripes is now giving the latest Superstar the same treatment in what we can only assume is an attempt to recreate that success.


The sneaker mostly retains the Superstar’s classic look with a predominantly white colourway, but much like the Tri-colour before it the stripes on the side are draped in an alternating blue and red for a sporty look (we’re not exactly sure why that combination makes it look sporty, but it just…does, y’know?). The tongue graphic and heel tab have also been made blue for some additional contrast, and it all comes together to form a stylish sneaker that feels both familiar and different at the same time.
Superstar02 Superstar03

These White/Red/Blue Superstars are available right now, and can be bought online at Adidas’ official website. Taking a key feature of a popular colourway and putting it on one of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes? Yup, sounds like another soon-to-be classic if you ask us.
Header Image: Adidas