Coconut Water In Beauty Products – What Does It Actually Do?

Hands up, everyone out there who also has a coconut water addiction. Somewhere along the way, it became one of the trendiest things to hydrate yourself with, as well as to add to your IG flatlay; while $2 fresh coconuts from the hawker centre have always been a Singaporean favourite, which you can sip the water straight from its source, suddenly we felt the need to also shell out $4 for the very fashionable Cocoloco bottles of coconut water, touted as “Raw. Organic. Pure. Thai Coconut Water” (um, but isn’t that the same thing as the stuff from the hawker centre?).
Questionable price differences aside, coconut water really isn’t a bad thing to be mildly addicted to. Unlike its evil relative, coconut milk, it’s fat and cholesterol-free, and is full of vitamins and minerals that the body can always do with more of.
Along the way, beauty brands have also discovered that coconut water can do good when applied directly on the skin – and hence, riding on its trendiness, have infused their products with coconut water as well. Apparently, it’s mostly for its deeply moisturising properties in an ultra-lightweight texture; it’s supposed to have acne-fighting and anti-ageing powers as well, thanks to the presence of laurice acid, which fights infections, and cytokines, a type of protein that promotes cell growth.
Throw in a coconut-ty scent into these products, and we’ll be completely sold. Here are the products that come infused with it, if you need more things in your life to give you your oft-craved coconut water fix. When compared to spending $4 on coconut juice you can buy from the hawker centre at a fraction of the price aside, putting it on your skin, or in your hair, might be a more worthwhile investment.
First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

first aid beauty

For makeup to go on well, it needs a smooth, well-hydrated base; this coconut water-infused primer does the job. It contains that other extremely trendy superfood: quinoa, for skin protection and repair.
$46, available at Sephora and on
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
too faced

This is one of our favourite foundations of the past year – it blends well, is lightweight, and the medium-to-high coverage lasts pretty much the entire day. There’s coconut water in it to hydrate the skin; we just wish we could smell it too.
$61, available at Sephora and on
Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray
urban decay

A spritz of this will transport you right to a beach holiday, because of the delicious coconut scent it bears. The coconut water in the formula is for instant hydration, and together with the Vitamin B3 and something called the Sepitonic M3, skin is immediately recharged and re-energised. Use it before makeup goes on, and at night before applying your skincare.
$50, available at Urban Decay stores, Sephora and on
Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum

Algenist’s famed for its use of microalgae in its ant-ageing skincare, but this “pressed serum”, which takes on the texture of a cream, also makes use of coconut water to provide the skin with overnight hydration.
$132, available at Sephora from 30 Mar.
Sephora Coconut Water Skincare Range
Talk about going all out with the coconut water: Sephora’s new skincare drops include a micellar cleansing milk, cleansing cream and cleansing wipes, all bearing coconut water and made to improve skin hydration, while being super gentle on the skin.
$9 to $10, available at Sephora and on
Jergens Hydrating Coconut Lotion

If coconut is your choice of body lotion scent, Jergens’ newest addition to its Hydrating Body Lotion line is made with both coconut oil and coconut water for some serious skin hydration.
$8.90, available at leading personal care stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.