The Buzzworthy Facial Treatment That Could Replace Botox in Its Entirety

In South Korea, aesthetic procedures are near inevitable. One in five women there have gone under cosmetic surgery, and it’s even presented as a graduation gift to some (thanks but no thanks, Mum and Dad). However, more women are opting for a simpler, non-surgical procedure using botulinum neurotoxin type A injectables, better known to most of us as Botox.
While plenty of women in Singapore have hopped on board, it doesn’t mean that Botox is without its side effects. Swelling, bleeding, and bruising are just some of the consequences that’ll keep us far away from the needle. (And whatever you do, do not do a Google image search on “Botox overdose.”) If the thought of Botox scares you just as much, there’s actually a safe facial treatment out there that promises to do what an injectable does, sans the horrors of one.

You may have heard of microcurrent facials – they aren’t new on the scene, but this holistic technique has taken off recently thanks to influencer and celebrities. Madonna, Julianne Moore, and Miranda Kerr are hooked on it, and it’s also rumoured to be Jennifer Aniston’s secret to Benjamin Buttoning. For over a century, it’s been used to heal all sorts of injuries, wounds, tissue damage, and even bone fractures. And if running electricity over your face sounds a little unnerving, remember that it’s completely pain-free, and there won’t be any residual redness and irritation in sight.

With microcurrent facials, the focus isn’t placed as much on the skin as it is on the muscle. It uses a mild electrical current to stimulate the skin and facial muscles, triggering your skin’s production of amino acids and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which aids cell production by accelerating cell repair. So if you’re looking to get a Botox-free firming session, a microcurrent facial could be your best bet.
Main image: Haider Ackermann SS17, courtesy of M.A.C