This Repainted iPhone 7 is a Blast From The Past

We think it’s pretty safe to say that almost everyone uses an iPhone these days, but one problem that comes with that kind of ubiquity is that it’s hard to aesthetically stand out from the crowd (remember the good old days when everyone had a different Nokia / Sony Ericsson phone?). Even with five different colourways for the iPhone 7, you could probably still throw a stone in the MRT and hit someone with the exact same phone as you, and while we suppose that you could slap on a case, it still feels like a temporary solution to a rather permanent problem.


If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, then this “Retro” iPhone 7 Plus might be exactly what you need. The brainchild of sticker specialists ColorWare, this limited edition piece has been repainted to resemble the colour of the 1980s Macintosh for a truly unique, throwback-inspired look. There are even “vents” painted on the side for some added detailing, and we’re especially fond of the classic multicoloured Apple logo, which adds a pop of colour and establishes you as a *true* fan of the company.

Individuality doesn’t come cheap though — with a $1899 USD price tag, the “Retro” iPhone 7 Plus is only for those with some serious expendable income (at least its the 256GB model). It’s hard to justify this purchase considering that the phone’ll be considered “old tech” in less than a year when the iPhone 8 makes its inevitable debut, but with a design this sweet, we can totally see it doubling up as a piece of fine art in our homes, so it might end up being a worthy investment just yet.
Header Image: ColorWare