March 28, 2017

When this new Elizabeth Arden product landed on our desks, most of us were, for lack of a better word, mystified. What are these golden pods, and what do they do?


ea capsules

Some among you might be familiar with these –  yup, they’re the brand’s iconic Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, that recently got upgraded with a new formula and now presented in a round jar that pops open with a light press.

It’s essentially an anti-ageing serum that feels like a facial oil, with a formula that contains an Enhanced Ceramide Complex. Ceramides are key in keeping the skin young as they’re the lipids that naturally occur in the skin barrier, keeping it strong and the moisture locked in – think of it as similar to the mortar that holds a brick wall together and keeps it sturdy. The improved formula works to not only replenish essential, naturally-occurring ceramides, but also stimulates ceramide synthesis to support skin renewal and encourage skin repair itself from within.

Obviously, with age, the amount of ceramides in the skin barrier decreases, which explains why there is more dryness and wrinkles on the face of a lady in her 50s, as compared to someone in her 30s. These capsules have a bold claim, though: to take up to 10 years off your skin. So, inspired by this video, the NYLON Singapore team decided to put this to the test with our mums over a 5 day period, and see how the capsules work on skin of different ages.



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Adele Chan, Editor-In-Chief
Age: 39

First impressions: “I’ve seen these capsules many times before but never really had the opportunity to try them (too much skincare to try; occupational hazard). So when Joanne from Elizabeth Arden asked the NYLON team to review the new version of their award-winning skincare product, I was interested to see what the results would be for myself (someone who’s hitting 40), and two millennials (aren’t they too young for this product?). So I was given five of these little capsules to try over five consecutive days; I used one each night as part of my nighttime skincare regime — after lotion, and before a whitening serum and night cream.

Pros: “I applied it a little at a time all over my face, avoiding the eye area. The texture, I’m told, is less oily than the previous version, and in my opinion, felt satin-smooth and very emollient. The liquid spread over skin easily and absorbed instantly. My skin felt smoother after just one application, and I’m pleased to say that after five constant days of using this skincare, I had no adverse reactions, but instead noticed that my overall skin texture improved slightly. Surprisingly, my pores looked smaller.”

Cons: “The first night, I had trouble squeezing the serum out of the capsule, because I imagined it would squirt everywhere! After several false squeezes, I finally burst one onto the palm of my left hand (it’s actually pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it)!”

Mum: Grace Chan
Age: in her 70s

[Ed’s note: My mum is more familiar with this product than I am; she’s been a loyal user of Elizabeth Arden products for decades, and has used the original version of these ceramide capsules.]

First impressions: “I’ve used this at least eight times but not consecutively. The product has a nice feel, and yes I do feel a slight firmness.”

Pros: “There’s no negative reaction, and I like that there’s enough remnant product on the hands after application on the face, and this doesn’t go to waste as I rub it on to the other side of the palm. Also, a plus point is that the product is not oily at all and is easily absorbed.”



Tami Lai, Senior Writer
Age: 26

First impressions: “I derived a whole lot of fun from squeezing each capsule to release the product – this format is such a novelty. At first, I was hesitant about the oily texture, as I only just recovered from a breakout caused by using another ill-suited product.”

Pros: “However, it was a pleasant surprise that the product absorbed very quickly, so before long there was no oily feeling at all left on my skin; also, my skin felt super soft, such that I couldn’t help but keep feeling it. This was consistent throughout the 5 days of use, and soon enough I looked forward to the sensation of hydration and firmness each application left. Being in my 20s I don’t see a real need for skin lifting just yet, but I can see how this would be an easy step to incorporate once that need arises.”

Cons: “I do have to wipe my hands after each use though, as the product doesn’t seem to absorb as quickly into the skin on my palms and feels more oily there. But, small inconvenience.”

Mum: Sandy Phua
Age: 55

First impressions: “I have sensitive skin, and many products cause a reaction – surprisingly, this one didn’t. Even though it was only 5 days of use, I could see that my skin became smoother and more radiant overall.”

Pros: “At first I was worried this would make my face feel oily and cause whiteheads to emerge, but that didn’t happen, and the improved smoothness in the texture of my skin is apparent.”



Amelia Tan, Senior Writer
Age: 27

First impressions: “It feels more like a facial oil than the more watery-textured serums I’m used to, but after it’s fully absorbed, I’ve noticed that my skin becomes firmer and more hydrated the next day – best to let it do its work overnight.”

Pros: “It’s an interesting way of applying a serum, thanks to the individual capsules, and that means I won’t have to worry about how much or how little I need for my face (and neck)!”

Mum-in-law: Celine Wang
Age: 61

Pros: “What I like is the delivery mode that helps to preserve the serum and keep it hygienic. It’s good to apply overnight; skin absorbs better and looks more refreshed in the morning.”


Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, $75 for 30 pieces; $146 for 60 pieces; $169 for 90 pieces. Available at all leading departmental stores.