Canon Launches a Pikachu Plushy For Your Camera Strap

The Pokémon Go craze may be well and truly over (thank God for that); but there’s no taking away the cuteness of everyone’s favourite pocket monster – Pikachu. Canon seems to like the furry electrical mouse a lot, which is why they’ve launched a special Pikachu plushy to attach to your camera strap for photo-taking sessions.


As seen in the picture above, Pikachu will be propped on your shoulder after you fix it to your strap, just like how he’s always on Ash in the anime.
Want to score the plushy? There’s a slight catch. First, you’ve got to buy Canon’s special edition EOS M10 box set, and only then will you get the 20cm-sized plushy. But that’s not a bad thing at all. The M10 is Canon’s lightest, high performance mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera, and is a decent entry-level model for beginners.

Oh, and if you already own Pokémon merch, Canon is also launching “The Perfect Adventure Buddy Photo Challenge” – a monthly photo competition that requires you to explore the city with your Pokémon toys and take unique photos with them. Each month will have three top photos and the grand prizewinner gets to bring home an M10 kit as well as the Pikachu plushy.
The competition will run from May to July 2017, so you’ve got plenty of time to exercise your creativity and snap em’ all.
For more information on the competition, visit The EOS M10 is retailing from $649 to $999, depending on the kit you get.
All images taken from Canon.