Holographic Hair Is the Unicorn-Inspired Colour Trend We've All Been Waiting For

It seems like 2017 is going to be another perfect year for holosexuals. Yup, the beauty world is still high on all things rainbow, unicorn, and mermaid, serving up all sorts of holographic treats to satiate our appetite for otherworldly iridescence. From highlighters to lip glosses, we’ve pretty much seen every iteration of the trend reflected on an assortment of beauty products, however, there’s been a slight lack in the hair department.
Sure, we got to see some unicorn-inspired hair and even colour-changing dyes, but we hadn’t come across holographic hair. Until now, that is. Thanks to a few magical colourists in the world, there’s finally a way to give your locks a mystical update. Have a look at some of these gorgeous hues.

Just like every other trendy pastel-coloured hair dye, you’ll need a light hair colour like blonde or grey to achieve the holographic effect on your hair, so before you rush to a salon hoping that you’ll get this shade in just a couple of hours, do bear that in mind. Apparently, a hand-pressed colouring technique was used to mimic the metallic finish of a holographic surface. A colourist would most likely use dye to paint different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas before sectioning your hair off and transferring the dye to your strands. The process will then be repeated using light washes of blue, pink, and lilac on different areas of the hair, or repeatedly to achieve more intensity.
Not many salons out there will employ this technique, but we’re pretty sure it’ll take off soon enough. So if you’re ready to take on a bold look and complete your transformation into a gorgeous fairy, then this hair colour is just for you.
Main image: @rossmichaelssalon