April 21, 2017

As if Too Faced’s wildly popular Sweet Peach collection wasn’t enough, the brand had to drop their own Sweet Peach Emojis, just to y’know, make texting a little peachier.


The sticker pack consists of uber-adorable emojis, the bulk of it being the iconic peach emoticons, Jerrod Blandino’s beloved pup Clover, cartoonised stickers of blockbuster products and… glitter poop, because only Too Faced can make poop look cute. So be it the makeup lover, the peach-obsessed (peach butt all the way!) or just someone who’s looking to up their iMessage game, this is for you.

IMG_3082-1 IMG_3083

Getting the Sweet Peach keyboard is super simple — simply download the app from the App Store, and have it enabled under Keyboards in Settings. After that you’ll be able to use the stickers in any messaging application, and even non-iPhone users will be able to view the emoticons too.


So yes. Use it for the sh*ts and giggles (literally), or use it to hint someone that you’re needing yet another piece of the Sweet Peach collection — we’re guessing this new pack by Too Faced is going to taking over the beauty world by storm too, just like their original peachy series. And as for those who are still debating on whether to put a pretty penny on their eyeshadow palette (we say yes!), these emojis should serve as the perfect motivating factor.

Too Faced Sweet Peach stickers, available for free download from the Apple App Store.