Vans Teaches Us How To Get On The Statement Trend On The Cheap

If Puma’s signature “Heart” line of sneakers or the more recent Reebok x Local Heroes collaboration and its fur-covered laces were any indication, it looks like kicks with statement embellishments might very well be the next big sneaker trend to hit us this year (flashy is clearly the way to go in 2017). The one big problem we have with statement looks, however, is that it can go out of style as quickly as it arrives, so it’s not exactly the most sensible of buys if you’re on a tight budget…but what if we told you that you could get the look for less than ten bucks?


Yup, instead of breaking the bank with an entirely new pair of sneakers, the folks over at Vans have provided a much cheaper alternative with a DIY tutorial on how to attach some adorable pom poms onto the laces of your existing kicks. We’ll be the first to admit that we’re not exactly the best when it comes to arts and crafts, but the 13-step process looks simple enough that even the clumsiest of hands should be able to navigate through, and as an added bonus all the materials required can be easily found in the average household as well.
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If you’re looking to give your sneakers a stylish update this weekend, the full tutorial can be found on the Vans Girls Tumblr, which to be honest is something we didn’t know existed until now. In a subtle bit of marketing the tutorial asks for a pair of their very own Mono Canvas Old Skools for the base, and considering how much more timeless these monochromatic kicks are it might actually be a good idea to cop those instead of some permanently fuzzy ones. Classic sneakers with a removable statement pieces? Now that’s a painfully simple idea we wish we had thought of first.
Header image: Vans